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Pattern and color work to lift pale tones.

A family room in a contemporary peninsula home that we designed a few years ago took on new life and character when we recently updated the look by adding a Zebra patterned carpet.  The rug sits on a natural oak floor, adding a graphic element.  The brown/black of the zebra stripes punctuate the cream and off whites of the McGuire woven wicker sectional and rattan lounge chair, with custom Italian silk pillows. The red glazed ceramic garden seat is the shot of color this time.


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Color | Don't be afraid of it Custom Silk Rug Los Gatos

Frequently people are afraid to use color in an otherwise neutral room. I think a shot of strong color can become the focal point, adding vibrancy and life, counteracting the sea of neutrals look  that sometimes happens when decorating is limited to whites, grays and beiges. In a current project, I added red leather armchairs and had a custom round rug made that picks up on the vibrant red of the chairs as well as the neutral palette. The dimensional texture of the silk rug combined with the abstract pattern brings a contemporary accent into play. Color, don't be afraid of it, it might be exactly what you need.


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