Meera Chawala | Interior Designer

As the daughter of a diplomat, I spent my early life traveling the world and was exposed to diverse cultures, traditions and arts. I was privileged to experience firsthand global architecture, interiors and lifestyles. It inspired me to study how our homes reflect, complement and influence our lives.

I have degrees both in Interior Design and International Business and I’m actively involved with the American Society of Interior Design. My education and life experience give me a unique perspective, which I bring to my interiors. Creating timeless design, from classical to contemporary with a fresh vision is my greatest aspiration. I work with clients to create balanced, harmonious interiors that are functional and beautiful, layering them with color, texture, pattern, form and materials.

I believe that great design today encompasses a broader more eclectic approach to one’s home, integrating simple comforts, beautiful objects and world-class style in a way that expresses your style and individuality.